Education is the key for instilling ethical and moral values into the lives of students; it is the most important means for economic growth and societal transformation; and it is an invaluable medium to build a society that is free from corruption, dictatorship, war, ethnicity, and racism. An educated society is aware of its rights and thus cannot be easily manipulated. It cannot be emphasized more that a holistic and transformative education system offers the answer to many of the social ills that afflict the continent of Africa today.

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18th Graduation Ceremony


The CTIE 18th Ceremony was one of it is own and was graced by jubilation. The MC of the day, Bro. Denis Lee, FSC killed it by displaying his good humor. The Baccalaureate Mass was concelebrated by Rev. Fr. Gianni Ronaldi (Chairperson of the Tangaza University College Board of Trustees), Rev. Fr. Raphael Wokorach (Chairperson of the Tangaza University Governing Council) and Rev. Fr. Steven Payne (Principal of Tangaza University College). The University College choir gave the best tunes.

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