Word from the Dean

Welcome to the School of Theology of Tangaza College. The School of Theology (SOT) is the largest and oldest institute in Tangaza College. It had a humble beginning in 1986 with 20 students who came from seven countries and from three religious congregations, namely Consolata Fathers, Holy Ghost Fathers and Salesians. If we compare these figures with those of 2013 then there is a striking difference. The SOT has now 452 students coming not only from various countries in Africa, but also from many other countries on continents such Europe, Asia, North America and Latin America, while the congregations that are sending students to the School of Theology are more than 50. Among the latter are also sister congregations. The last ten years the School has seen a steady growth in the numbers of sisters who are studying theology.

Over the years the SOT has aimed at an improvement in academic quality of the curriculum. This was partially done in response to the demands of congregations, lecturers and students to raise the academic level of theological education so that students are able to better respond to the ever increasing challenges of the modern world in which they will exercise their missionary and pastoral ministry. To do effectively pastoral and missionary apostolate a student is required to be abreast of what is going on in the field of current theological developments. Therefore SOT is concerned to offer a theology that is relevant for the life, worship and mission of the church. The lecturers of SOT are not theological daydreamers who have lost contact with the real world. And although many of the courses that are on offer in the SOT are speculative and theoretical in nature, their ultimate goal is to prepare and equip the students for the pastoral and missionary work in Africa and in other continents which they will be assigned to. SOT as a theological centre is committed to scientifically and professionally study and answer the challenges of the church in Africa and in a worldwide context so that the importance and quality of the intellectual formation and education of its students is assured. On this note Pastores dabo vobis says “[The present situation] strongly demands a high level of intellectual formation, such as will enable priests to proclaim, in a context like this, the changeless Gospel of Christ and to make it credible to the legitimate demands of human reason” (PDV 51).